Stacked By Samantha "F*ck it, Jump it" Set


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Because sometimes you need to just say, "F*ck it, Jump it"

This bracelet features...
- (1) Bubblegum pink, "Jump it" letter beads with 14k gold fill star charms and 3mm gold fill ball beads
- (1) Turqouise, "F*ck it" letter beads,14k gold fill star charms and 3mm gold fill beads
-(1) 14 k gold 3mm filled roll bead


Includes a stack of (3) bracelets, they are stretchy and can fit up to 6.75' inches. They are waterproof but for longevity take off when swimming or showering! Roll bracelet on and off wrist to remove instead of stretching.



  • handmade in San Diego, CA by a local woman artisan
  • includes a stack of (3)
  • 14K gold rolled beads
  • bracelets can fit up to 6.75"
  • tested in water, sweat & sunscreen so you don't have to!



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